C-PACE Process

CPace Process diagram

Will County commercial and industrial property owners interested in starting the C-PACE application process can visit the IECA’s Getting Started page.

Below is a general overview of the process.

Step 1: Confirm Eligibility

  • Ensure you have an eligible property.
  • Create a login on the IECA’s online portal, then fill out and submit a pre-application here.

Step 2: Develop Energy Project

  • Select a qualified and approved Energy Project Professional, who will evaluate the project and prepare an Energy Assessment or Resiliency Improvement Analysis.
  • Select a qualified Contractor here. Alternatively, have your preferred Contractor sign up to become an IECA-registered C-PACE Contractor here.
  • Select improvement measures to be included in your C-PACE project.

Step 3: Secure Financing

  • Request financing quotes from one or more Capital Providers and select a Capital Provider to finance the project here. Alternatively, have your preferred Capital Provider contact CapitalProvider@IECAPace.org for information about registering as a C-PACE Capital Provider.
  • With selected Capital Provider, contact all lenders with existing mortgage liens against the property to request acknowledgement of the Mortgage Lender Consent requirement for C-PACE financing.

Step 4: IECA Approval

  • Complete and submit a final application and required documents on the IECA’s online portal here.
  • Obtain final C-PACE project approval from the IECA, or address any application deficiencies.

Step 5: Close Financing

  • Enter into an Assessment Contract with your selected Capital Provider.
  • Enter into a Supplemental Agreement with the County of Will.

Step 6: Install Energy Project

  • Have selected Contractor install financed C-PACE projects.

Step 7: Repay

  • As detailed on your Assessment Contract, repay C-PACE financing semi-annually on your property tax bill. Enjoy the benefits of the implemented C-PACE project.

For even more details about the C-PACE process, please see the Will County C-PACE Program Report document in the “Other Resources” subpage.

C-PACE Parties

CPace Parties